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Crystal Bridges "Men of Steel Women of Wonder"

Posted by Chad Maupin on

I had the pleasure of being able to attend a private tour of Crystal Bridges with an amazing group of out of state bloggers this past Saturday, January 19.


Seeing the always amazing Crystal Bridges through the eyes of first time attendees was really a treat.  We were also able to experience the various exhibits with the guidance of Crystal Bridge's own Alejo Benedetti.  Hearing the reasons for the placement of artwork within the museum and the stories behind them was really amazing.


Crystal Bridges is a world-class art museum and is not only full of incredible art and architecture but exciting new ideas about art, how it's presented and how it engages with a community.


Case in point I got to test drive their new virtual reality system they're developing.  It was amazing to be able to actually go within a painting and be guided through points of interest within the piece and to see it in a brand new way.



The aforementioned exhibit "Men of Steel Women of Wonder" (which you can learn more about HERE) will explore how the art world examines and explores Superman and Wonder Woman and the impact these icons have on our culture.



As an illustrator and artist obsessed with comics and comic art I'm extremely excited that Crystal Bridges is forward thinking in embracing the power of this mythology and hope their work here is the continuation of a conversation I want to be a part of in our community regarding comics.


If you don't go to Crystal Bridges, please do!  It's a treasure and they're doing incredible work for our community and being an ambassador for us.  This exhibit is a must see whether you like comics or not!


See you there February 9 - April 22!



For more information about Crystal Bridges go HERE.

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