Saving Money Makes Cents Songbook

Big-Bot had the pleasure recently of illustrating, designing and printing a Songbook for the Fayetteville Arkansas Public Library’s “Saving Money Makes Cents” program.  It’s a program they’ve designed that is partly intended to encourage and educate children on the importance and principles of saving money.  It was a really fun project to work on and am really proud of the results and being able to partner with the Library on it.10846079_10204577302005242_7008465440385522754_n 553267_10204577302165246_4791714105952022686_n 10731129_10204577302445253_8752717324317912065_n 10540772_10204577302645258_3509670428548724960_n 10421215_10204577302765261_6839099300326219250_n


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